The Shop is now open

Just a quick post this time to say the Shop is now re-opened. Get our new comics straight to your door, pay via PayPal!

IndieManga at MCM Expo!

IndieManga will be at the MCM Expo at table K4 29th and 30th October ( Saturday and Sunday, Friday is looking unlikely).

We have 2 new books out, if you can’t make it they will be available to order from after the con:

Heavier than Aer ( A4 28 pages black and white)

By Rebecca McCarthy Art By Chris Pullen

Aer is the most talked about superhero of her generation, smart and powerful she has defeated many a

villain. But very little is known about her. Where did she come from? Where did she get her powers why does she fight?

Doug is an under achieving journalist whose life has been consumed by an obsession with Aer. When he

literally finds the right kind of dirt on her, he realises he has the leverage he needs to get the worlds first

exclusive on the elusive heroine.

What happens when Aer finally lets someone in?

Fan Dan Go volume 1

Story and Art Kate Holden

Over 100 full colour pages plus extras, collects chapters 1-3 of the web comic

Fan Dan Go’ is an action comedy comic set in the Retropunk Fantasy land of ‘Anglise’, a magical alternative version of 70′s England. It’s about the adventures of a group of hip young Knights trying to keep the peace and make a living.

Shop offline

The old shop is now offline, the new (and I hope easier to use) Pay Pal shop will be up after Expo, when we can divide up new stock. This Expo will be really interesting :)

Useful tools to use when writing comics

You don’t have to spend a fortune finding the good software and tools for writing comics. A lot is available for free. Here I’ll briefly guide you through my favourites.

Libreoffice – Libreoffice has basically taken open over from Open Office as the free alternative to Microsoft office. So if you want a decent quality free word processor I highly recommend it.

Celtx - Celtx can technically be used to manage the creation of a whole project. There are places to add character bios. In fact it automatically tracks new characters. I use it mainly for it’s script writer, it also has a dedicated graphic novel export format which exports comic scripts into table like formats, dividing each panel up into different boxes.

After the Deadline a free spelling and grammar checker that you can get both as a Libreoffice plug-in and as a web browser plug-in. It’s grammar checking is really intelligent and I find it much faster and more accurate than other similar tools. If you’re worried about your writing being sent off to their server to check you can also host it on your own server.

Wikidpad I’ve not had a chance to use this and compare it with Celtx’s project management tools, but those of you writing longer more complex stories might want to give this a go. It basically creates a wiki locally on your system, so you can create universe ‘bibles’ , to keep track of stories, research etc.

Penelope’s Far-Out-Mantic webcomic is complete!

IndieManga member Sarah Burgess’ fabulously funky full-colour webcomic about love tangled around a battle between Rockabilly and Hip-Hop is now complete!

With over 500 pages of hand-drawn disco drama to read for free, what are you waiting for!? Get into the groove and read it here:

MCM expo

Just a note to say we’ll be at the MCM expo in London this weekend! come say hi!

IndieManga books in stock at Orbital Comics

We’ve dropped off a couple of copies of Legends, and both versions of Between Worlds at Oribital Comics London! If you’re in London and are planning to do some Christmas shopping, then please consider dropping by Oribital and picking up an IndieManga title!

Thanks to Orbitial for stocking our books!


The New ‘Legends’ Anthology is now available from the IndieManga online shop! Why not grab one for a stocking filler? ^_-

Contains 5 self-contained short comics by Anna, Rebecca, Sally and Kate, plus our new member, Sarah Burgess! The book is on the theme of ‘Myths Legends and Fairy Tales’.

Suitable for all ages.

130 pages black and white, £6.00

Get it here:






Legends Anthology out soon!

IndieManga is proud to present our new anthology of short comics! Legends is a book on the theme of exploring myths and fairy stories and making new stories based on those ideas.

Comics by Anna, Rebecca, Sally and Kate, plus our new member, Sarah Burgess!

We hope you will enjoy our latest creation!

Legends will be released at October MCM Expo in London, but if you can’t get to that even, we should have copies in our shop soon after the event to buy online!

130 pages black and white, £6.00

Fan Dan Go! New Webcomic

IndieManga present…

Fan Dan Go chapter one cover

Fan Dan Go chapter one cover

A new webcomic by Kate!

Fan Dan Go is a Retropunk Fantasy Action Comedy comic you can read for free over at: