About us

Who are Indiemanga?

Indiemanga is a group of people who create comics with a manga influence.  We’re not a publisher but a small press comics circle. We pay for and print our comics ourselves, working together for mutual support. We are based in the UK.  There are currently four members in the group. We’re all female, not because we don’t want male members, that’s just how it worked out!

Can I join?

IndieManga is not a completely closed group, but we don’t take submissions. We’re not just interested in a person’s comics, but how well they will work with the group. Membership is through invitation, and the best way to try to join IndieManga is to be active and constructive on the UK’s small press scene. If you’re friendly, proactive and have managed to make comics online or for competitions or small press,  you’re the kind of person we’ll consider. If you’re really keen on the group, talk to us, we’ll at least be able to give you advice on what you’d be best off doing. Be aware that as a member, you would have to be able to pay your own printing costs and put some contribution of time and effort into running the group.

Sometimes we do collaborative work and we are considering the possibility of guest content in our anthologies. Azure is sometimes looking for artists to work with her scripts too, so you may be able to work with us on a project without being a member.

How do I get in contact?
If you want to talk to individual members feel free to check out our contact details on our pages. If you aren’t sure who you need to speak to please email: indiemanga@gmail.com and we’ll sort you out!

Who are currently in the group?


Darth Mongoose



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