IndieManga webcomics

Did you know that several members of IndieManga run free online webcomics ?

Far Out Mantic

Far-Out-Mantic – By Sarah ( complete)

Far-out-mantic is the simple story about life, love, and DISCO!

 The Summer of Blake Sinclair

A slice of life comic set in a University, about hipsters, punks, the summer and honesty.

Fan  Dan Go – By Kate

‘‘Fan Dan Go’ is an action comedy comic set in the Retropunk Fantasy land of ‘Anglise’. It’s about the adventures of a group of hip young Knights trying to keep the peace and make a living.’

Between Worlds – by Anna

“It is the 80th birthday of the benevolent tyrant, King Bergan. His four loyal knights prepare to march in his honour, but all is not well. The senile ruler, plagued by hallucinations and delirious dreams, begins to cast strange allegations of witchcraft on one of his most loyal servants, the knight named Lynx, the soldier named Juno…

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  1. Sushi Kitty says:

    Hey,users.Im new.Just got intrested in manga.

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